Public schools must be safe for each student and staff member.


What we believe: Public schools must be safe for each student and staff member.

Even in areas of high community spread of COVID-19, public schools are safe for students and staff, but only if we follow proven safety protocols. The two most important things we can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are:

1) Wear masks indoors

2) Have every eligible person, both student and staff, be fully vaccinated


What we believe: Student opportunity shouldn’t be determined by zip code. Public school classrooms should be places we can learn about hard truths like racism in the U.S.

Public schools are where we #TeachTruth. As the Zinn Education Project puts it, “We refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events.”


What we believe: Governments and budgets funded with taxpayer dollars should help people not corporations and politicians.

The NC General Assembly needs to pass a state budget fully funding public schools now and every year in a timely and consistent manner. Federal COVID relief funds sitting in local and state coffers should be spent immediately to support public schools. These federal dollars should be used in addition to existing funds; not as a replacement for state funds.

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Who We Are

North Carolinians for Safety, Truth, and Reason in Schools is a campaign by public school parents and educators taking action for students and schools to end pandemic disruptions and reestablish fundamental commitments to truth and science in schools.

We are what every parent quietly wants: some semblance of normal life that gives our children positive educational experiences and allows parents to work knowing their kids are safe at school. This is where parents and educators can find like minds to unite and make our voices heard above the chaos.